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Need It Now provides several options for transporting shipments in the metropolitan areas.

These service include:

  • Reduced Overhead
  • Reduced Risk Exposures
  • Dedicated Fleet- flexible with specialize equipment
  • Optimized Route and GPS Tracking
  • Trained and Screen Drivers
  • Scalable –  Standardized transporation process across a national network.

We have the expertise to build routes very quickly in major cities in the US.  We handle recurring and repeatable deliveries via route 24 hours day.  This could electronics, pharm and clinical lab, documents, food and perishables, etc.

About Dedicated Logistics from Need It Now

Dedicated Fleet

We provide several options for transporting shipments in metropolitan areas. These services include:

  • Dedicated Fleet – Let our experience logistics team take over all your fleet, providing specialized equipment and drivers
  • Dedicated Store – Need It Now replenishes store with a reliable, dependable pool solution
  • Dedicated Refrigerated – Need It Now will provide the specialized equipment to fit any job
  • Dedicated Shuttle – We can provide dedicated drivers to perform shuttle services

Technology & Visibility

We believe that technology and helping our clients optimize the way they move freight is key to developing successful and value-added home delivery solutions. At Need It Now Delivers, we are continually investing in innovation and technology solutions to provide the best possible experience for our consumers. We strive to create a frictionless order using data to drive decision-making and automation.

Advanced Analytics

We have developed an advanced analytics platform that allows our customers and our team to make better decisions faster, anticipate and resolve customer issues proactively, and deliver an exceptional home delivery experience.  Interactive dashboards, near real-time data, visualizations, and self-service capability, are included in our customized home delivery offerings.

Integration with your business

From startups to established brands, whether you need help designing an integration solution or you need us to build to your specifications, we can help. We can accommodate nearly any connectivity method your business needs. We will work with you to define the best solution to suit your business in the most effective timeframe.

Tracking and Visibility

We take the guess work out of customer service. Need It Now Delivers provides complete shipment visibility at each delivery milestone. Whether you need to see if a shipment has been picked up, an appointment has been scheduled, or need a proof of delivery, we have you covered.

Real Time Tracking

  • Customer experience after departure from the warehoue
  • GPS tracking provides real time updates as to current postioning of the delivery vehicle and real time ETA’s.
  • Samsura web base software enablet the retailer, deliver team, and end consumer have the transparency required throughout a deliveryday that will reduce the communication and increase customer happiness.

Our team of professionals takes personal pride in their work and ensures that every service provided  receives the highest degree of attention through live customer service and dispatch.


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