Need It Now Delivers’s Air Freight services have been in business since 1987. Our air freight services include same-day delivery anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

On Board Courier

Shipping to most international cities, and all air freight deliveries are time specific. Through air freight shipping, we get your precious cargo on the next available flight and deliver it directly to the consignee. With Need It Now, we believe you deserve to work with an air freight same day service company, where our representatives have the experience, technology, and staffing to get your packages where they need to be. Our software will allow us to send your package on the quickest available flight out to the nearest airport to your destination.

International Shipping

From documents to skids, we provide international time-critical shipping of any size. Need It Now specializes in affordable overseas shipping with a high personalized service. Overseas Expedited shipments are our highest priority shipments that we handle as they are always rushed or most urgent. For our customers, we treat this shipping method as a has-to-be-there-yesterday shipment. International Shipping services we provide are shipping to most international cities, international sea freight forwarding, time-specific shipping, inland logistics, warehousing, freight forwarding, and customs clearance. Need It Now has handheld technology that allows us to determine the next flight out for all International air freight shipping services.

Tracking Technology

We offer in-depth tracking technology for all parcels you ship as part of our international shipping services. As soon as you enter the package into our system, you can track it all the way across the world until it gets to its destination. You can access this tracking software online, as you can also schedule the parcel’s pickup and delivery times and get detailed information about its location, route, and expected arrival time. If our system foresees a delay due to any weather conditions, you’ll receive an alert. To keep you more updated, we’ll let you know about the change in route to ensure your package arrives on time that we promised. Let us help you with all you’re international shipping needs as we want to give you the peace of mind, knowing your parcels will be delivered on time.

Expedited Air Freight Services

Need it Now Delivers and its top quality air freight services can delivery. For time sensitive deliveries our modernized technological software is top of the line and capable of advanced solutions for your air freight shipping. With reliable and friendly professionals, and progressive technology, Need it Now Delivers can get your packages dispatched carefully and quickly. We offer shipping 24/7, 365 days a year so that you are never without the dependable and state-of-the-art services of Need it Now Delivers!

At Need It Now Delivers we provide private fleet alternatives at lower your costs while improving customer service and control all while retaining your drivers, fleet and Image!

Lower Overall Transportation Cost

We look at the total transportation cost from largest to smallest, aggressively attacking the largest items first and work our way to the small items, as well as uncover revenue generating opportunities.

Improved Customer Service & Control

NIN Delivers large geographic network combined with driver, equipment & product management technologies, complemented by on site 24/7 management, provides advantages unavailable to the typical private fleet. Operating in Northern New Jersey, Indianapolis, IN, Columbus, OH, Cleveland, OH, Chicago, IL, Kansas City, MO, Saint Louis, MO and Memphis, TN

Proprietary Technology

NIN Delivers utilizes scan-on and scan-off technology that provides an error-proof product delivery system, capturing images, electronic BOLs and signatures. We provide real time tracking and delivery confirmation with item-level detail, in addition to a truck, driver and trailer breadcrumb trail.

Benefits to Our Customers

  • Reduced spend and liability
  • New and modern fleet – right-sized fleet with specialized equipment
  • Live tracking of all shipments
  • Driver recruited and trained for your business
  • Scalability – NIN Centralized Operations allows customers to standardize their transportation processes across their national network

Click Here for more information on Dedicated Logistics 

Need It Now Delivers can help fit the needs of your company’s particular problems that arise chronically or acutely.

Mailroom Management

We can supply temporary and long term solutions including onsite dispatching and a full team of personnel. With our dispatchers, they are courteous and can interface with any other mailroom personnel and company execs. We are not here to dictate any policies to you. Need it Now Delivers exists to make your job easier!

Facility Planning

If you are in need of a mailroom personnel that is equipped to handle the flow of deliveries, Need It Now Delivers can help! Our dipatchers can permanently or temporarily posted on your premises for great control and accessibility with high volume deliveries. We can also provide semi-permanent or temporary delivery personnel in addition. Need It Now Delivers wants to help with whichever solution best fits your needs.

Mailroom Support

Mailroom management can present some real challenges to a business that depends on rapid outgoing deliveries. In some cases, your mailroom personnel may not be equipped to handle the flow of deliveries during high volume periods, either on a daily or seasonal basis. With our company we can staff your mailroom or interoffice moves with temporary or long term solutions.

Logistics Of Storing In A Facility

Mail room management can sometimes be a daunting task and it can present unwanted challenges. Need it Now Looks to overcome these challenges and can offer quick and reliable staffing of your interoffice moves, as well as temporary and long term solutions with on site dispatching and a full team of delivery personnel. Our dispatchers are friendly and professional and can coordinate easily with other mail room personnel. Need it Now Delivers aims to help you manage your mail room rather than dictate every move.

Our Deconsolidations run the gamut from simplicity to complexity. From straight transloads to multiple sorts to various destinations…we can provide an economical and efficient solution to your Deconsolidation needs.

Services Include:

  • Port Drayage Services with On-line Visibility
  • 24/7 Container or Trailer receiving
  • Multi Shift Capabilities
  • Sort and Segregate
  • Scanning/EDI
  • Labeling
  • On-line Visibility

So what does it mean…

What we do …
What it does for you …
24/7 Container / Trailer Receiving
Ultimate flexibility on port drayage and Linehaul Control
Expedites transit times while reducing costs and handling
Multiple Shift Capabilities
Improving processing time while minimizing overhead costs
Scanning / EDI / Sort & Seg / Labeling
You have tough requirements…we have complete solutions
On-Line Visibility
Control…you see it all every step of the way

Contact our Deconsolidation Department at Gilbert – 800.245.6161 for additional information

Final Mile Delivery provides quick shipping with the reliability your business requires when it comes to getting your packages and letters delivered on time.

On Time Delivery

Most parcels are taken by ground transportation to the airport and then the majority of our shipment transit is done by airplane. Then the process will return to ground transportation for the last final mile of the journey.

Why You Should Use It

Choosing final mile delivery services, we cut out the congestion and get your parcel to its recipient with the same amount of speed that other parts of the journey provided. Our company relies upon state-of-the-art technology to get parcels from the cargo bay to the recipient’s front door for any small to large items. Also, we offer assembly, packaging removal and placing the item in room of choice.

Benefits Your Business

Through final mile delivery, we ensure you that your parcel will arrive one time with our instantaneous tracking. When arrived, a signature will be required to confirm and accept the delivery. Our Need It Now drivers make personal deliveries and stay while the recipient opens the parcel to confirm that the item is as expected and arrived in excellent condition.

Get Packages Delivered On Time

When it comes to delivering your packages and letters on time, Need it Now Delivers can help. With the click of a button, you can find out all the information you need about your shipment all without having to head to an onsite location. We combine speed with reliability and deliver your packages as quickly and time efficiently as possible. Speed is our top priority and we work to get all of your packages delivered on time. With Need it Now Delivers, dependable shipments are performed by us daily.

Need it now is capable of providing local and long distance shipping services for your packages all across the United States.

Ground Transportation

Our trucking transportation provides local and long distance trucking throughout the U.S. Trucking and Ground Transportation is priced upon weight and distance of services including rush and pre-scheduled delivery, light and heavy trucking, line hauls from pick up locations to designated delivery points, less than truckload, and late-night delivery.

Truckload Shipments

Need It Now utilizes ground transportation of truckload shipments to your consignee, according to your instructions. Instructed by what your truckload shipment requirements are, we supply single and team drivers. Large volume shipments aren’t a problem for us, as no shipment is too big, we encourage you to get a quote from us.

Van Service

Everything you ship may not fit in a brown padded envelope or be enough product to fill our dedicated truck. For any smaller package shipments, our service provides a speedy van service. This service can travel on parkways and highways easily so there can be alternatives to traffic jams and/or any other obstacles to meet your deadlines.

Truck Shipping Services

Need it now is capable of providing local and long distance shipping services for your packages all across the United States. Our services for truck shipping include rushed and pre-scheduled deliveries, light and heavy trucking, late night delivery for every single day of the year, and large volume shipments. For smaller volume shipments, we offer extensive van shipments. Able to move easily on smaller parkways and highways, our delivery vans are perfect for delivering your packages in a timely and cost effective manner.

With our super simple service we can take you from getting a quote, right through to being in your new home or office with all of your belongings securely packed and safely delivered.

Commercial Office Furniture Installation

Advanced Moving & Installation specializes in removal, re-configuring, and installing office furniture. This includes desks, seating, filing equipment, case goods, tables and more.

  • Project Management Before Installation
  • Equipment Inspection Before Delivery
  • Re-configurations, New Installs, Removals, Re-locations
  • Workstations, Filing, Desks, Waiting Rooms, Conference Centers

Quality-Insured Projects

The Project Manager will be your main point of contact and will coordinate and communicate with you throughout the job to ensure a successful end product. The PM works mostly behind-the-scenes to take care of the pre-planning, coordination, and details of the job. Onsite, the field supervisor will aid our installers in the fulfillment of floor plans, oversee deliveries and safety requirements, attend project meetings, and certify that the project has been completed to your satisfaction.

Professionalism In The Workplace

All on-site workers will be on time and respectful of your work environment. They understand the importance of your comfort level and will handle themselves accordingly in your office. Our employees are experienced with all brands of office furniture and are trained to handle every step of the installation process from staging and sequencing, to the final inspection.

Residential and Commercial Moving

The safety of your furniture, merchandise, and equipment is our number one priority. Our employees take the meaning of “handle with care” to a whole other level. Your items will be wrapped with padded blankets and securely locked in moving trucks driven by highly skilled, licensed CDL drivers. Worried about scratched walls or floors? Our experienced and careful movers will use protective padding to keep your home and office scuff free.

Assemble? Disassemble? Your Tailored Move…

We offers a variety of different moving options. No move is too large. Whether you are just looking to move items from one location to another, or you wish to have items shipped and installed on your premises, Advanced is the right option for your moving needs. If necessary, our highly trained movers can provide you with the option of disassembling and packing your large items so that they are ready for a safe transport.

Respect for the Client

Our employees have repeatedly demonstrated their excellent customer service and willingness to go above and beyond to make our clients happy. Our professional movers will make you feel at ease as they carefully see to making your move a reality. Customer comfort is a huge priority for our staff and you can rest assured, we will be respectful in your home or place of business. We also understand that your move is time sensitive and we will make every attempt to make your move a timely and safe experience.


As consumer shopping habits switch from brick and mortar stores to omnichannel, ecommerce retail experiences, expectations are everything, especially in the final mile. You need a reliable last mile solution that gets your products where they need to be—even during surges in demand. With last mile services from Need It Now Delivers, you can:

  • Expect fast, accurate deliveries and ecommerce connectivity for better shipment visibility.
  • Trust our vetted, high quality contract drivers to deliver superior service—for both the forward and reverse flows of your inventory.
  • Go beyond the dock with integrated solutions across the first, middle, and final miles of your shipments.
  • Manage your transportation spend with the help of our last mile experts and transparent pricing.

When you’re looking for a last mile logistics solution that complements your existing supply chain, know that our mix of modes helps us optimize and execute on your last mile transportation.


  • Store distribution
  • Reverse logistics
  • Home delivery
  • Fulfillment
  • Local delivery


  • Direct to store delivery/retail merchandising
  • Recall management/asset recovery
  • In-home room of choice/assembly
  • Warehouse distribution/pick and pack
  • Same day home delivery service and postal injection

Door to door delivery

Pick up and delivery services provide door to door delivery for your packages and parcels, so you can send packages in the US and worldwide from the comfort of your home or office.

Save yourself a trip to the Post Office and get a pickup and delivery quote with NIN Parcel.

Pick up and delivery for large items

Sending a large package can be a logistical nightmare, so save yourself the hassle and book a delivery collection straight from your door. No need to carry heavy items to the Post Office, with NIN Parcel you can get discounted shipping rates for shipping large and heavy parcels and book large item pick up services for both domestic and international shipments.

Track your Pick up

Once your item has been collected, you can track your package through to delivery using your shipment number. Simply enter this number into our tracking tool to monitor the progress of your delivery and share it with the recipient so they can be kept up to date throughout.

Most outbound shipments can be predicted and pre-scheduled saving time and money. Let us help you identify the ideal times and frequencies needed for pick up and delivery of your routine traffic and save the rush charges. You will often be able to include your last minute on demand items in these already scheduled pick ups too!

Routed Delivery

Need it Now Delivers will usually have the same driver for your routed deliveries and they truly operate as part of your own organization, being able to predict traffic patterns and and other delivery obstacles and have alternatives worked out to get it done on time no matter the challenges.

When time counts, you can count on Need It Now Courier. We specialize in serving companies that require pick-up and delivery of urgent materials on a routine basis. We have the technology and expertise to coordinate same-day shipments across the street, across town or across the country every day.
With a team of professional drivers and experienced agents, Need It Now Courier provides ground and air solutions for immediate transportation of all your recurring time-critical deliveries.

Whether your deliveries require that they be made on the ground or in the air, your deliveries will be made according to your timetable. Some of our scheduled shipments include:

  • Bank runs
  • Inter-office deliveries
  • Medical samples and supplies
  • Mail transport
  • Pharmaceuticals

Retail Store Deliveries are an extremely important part of our customer’s supply-chain as they represent the last mile to the shelf and ultimate sale.  Because of the restrictions and complexities on mall deliveries or even free-standing stores and the limitations on store staff and space, specialists usually handle this service…and Need It Now is one of them.

Services Include:

  • Time-Definite / Windowed Deliveries with 99% On-time Rate
  • Computerized Voice Response Unit (VRU) available 24/7 to provide:
    • Automatic status for your store deliveries via a phone call.
    • Get expected date of delivery and expected number of cartons per store.
  • Scanning capability to the store at the carton or pallet level
  • Follow-up Performance phone calls by our Staff to:
    • Verify timely delivery within Window
    • Check for any OS&D issues
    • Check the performance and attitude of the driver
    • Provide a score card to our customers
  • Driver assisted and off-hour unassisted deliveries
What we do …
What it does for you …
Time Definite deliveries with 99% On-time Performance
You can manage your space and store labor more effectively and efficiently
Computerized Voice Response
Store Management can plan for deliveries to reduce disruption and cost
Store Scanning Capability
Gives you complete control and visibility of your most important asset – Your Inventory
Follow-up Performance Calls
Let us tell you how well we are performing before your District Manager does…lets us correct problems immediately
Over 4000 deliveries per Week
Peace of mind that you are dealing with a customer who understands the needs of retail customers

Contact our Retail Store Delivery Department at Gilbert – 800.245.6161 for additional information

Vendor Consolidation programs are another service we provide to help streamline time and expense for our customers.  It tends to be the precursor to full-blown DC bypass programs which minimize time-to-store while minimizing handling and transportation costs.

Services Include:

  • Purchase Order Verification
  • Local Pickups
  • Import FCL and LCL Pickups
  • ASN Receipt and Scan Verification
  • Outbound Scanning
  • As-Full or Timed Releases
  • On-Line Visibility
  • Flexible Pricing

So what does it mean…

What we do … What it does for you …
Purchase Order Verification
We keep you in control…expired POs don’t hit your DCs or Stores…and we handle it all.
Local Pickups
Single source solution…No Finger Pointing…it just gets done.
ASN Receipt and Scan Verification
Improved accuracy and quickly identify problem areas
Outbound Scanning
Accurate and detailed handoffs, problem area identification
On-Line Visibility
Control…you see it all every step of the way

Contact our Retail Vendor Consolidation Department at Gilbert – 800.245.6161 for additional information

Need it Now can locally deliver your packages with our fast, dependable walkers and on demand, delivery vans for packages over 50 lbs. Our experienced messengers can easily adapt to unexpected, adverse traffic conditions to get your packages delivered on time!

Routed and Pre-Scheduled Delivery

Our pre-scheduled route work is capable of getting your package delivered to you by the date and time you requested. As well as being cost effective and fast, our continued use of the same couriers allows messengers to be fully aware of procedures and pick up spots.

Quality Messengers and Personnel

You can trust us to be responsible when delivering your packages that it is done safely. We consider how we would want our own property treated and handle our customer’s goods in the same way.  Need It Now will provide bonded couriers on request.  Our drivers are vetted as to reliability and quickness, as well as courtesy and good appearance.

Get Packages Delivered Quick

Offering simple and effective delivery options, Need it Now Delivers can get your packages delivered as quickly and carefully as possible. Providing fast and dependable delivery services and methods to track your packages to make sure they get to the proper location, Need it Now Delivers is your premiere freighting, shipping, and courier company. Offering both international and domestic shipping, as well as ground and air transportation, we can employ the proper channels to get your products and packages delivered as quickly as possible.

At Need It Now Delivers, we store and ship freight that is required to either be on hand ready to ship nearby at a moment’s notice as well as cross docking shipments that is transferred to the most expedient means of delivery in the local area.

We don’t require contracts or termination fees and are both asset and non-asset based (either using our own or other vehicles as required for faster delivery) in the warehouse business. Need It Now Warehouse Services we provide:

  • Short and Long Term Storage
  • Skid Storage
  • Archive Record Storage
  • Material Pick, Pack and Ship
  • Break Bulk Service
  • Seasonal Merchandise Handling
  • Overflow Storage with “Just in Time” Inventory
  • Barcode Tracking System
  • Remote user access

Cross Docking

Need It Now offers the most efficient and affordable cross docking services. Most individuals and businesses choose this method to reduce delivery time. With this streamlined procedure, it allows products to be picked up directly from the supplier/manufacturer and sent directly to their final destination. There is never a need to store your goods in a warehouse facility when directly getting placed onto transportation. International and domestic shipping is offered by cross docking services. Domestic packages are usually delivered within 24-48 hours. Our cross docking terminals offer reliability and quick routing due to employing well trained staff that are experts in mapping and tracking, as well as finding shipping shortcuts. They will ensure you that your packages get shipped safely and securely to the customer without any interruptions. Most will use this service to send items that are time and/or temperature sensitive.

Fulfillment & Kitting

Fulfillment packing and shipping is efficient and cost effective that is a large part of any shipping service. Need It Now’s goal is to give customers an extra touch of confidence that their items won’t break or undergo any damage while on the road. We have expertise and experience in boxing, water sealing, applying and printing labels, and assembling (automated and manual) making sure boxes will not undergo wear and tear while in transit. It’s very important to us to make sure your packages are tucked away safely and securely. Our company feels that if they are going to be shipping your goods, that we are the best source for kitting and packaging as well. The staff has the professional knowledge of how to package different materials to keep them in perfect condition through the process. Need It Now ensures you will be satisfied with our easy, efficient and safe shipping methods.

Be able to supply customer demands in a  hurry! We have warehousing throughout the Eastern Seaboard

Need it Now Delivers can offer short term and long term storage for all of your necessary items. Providing skid storage, and archive record storage, we employ the right methods to keep your things organized and protected against the elements both inside and outside of our warehouses. We material pick, pack, and ship as well as handle seasonal merchandise. We utilize a top of the line bar code tracking system that can be remotely accessed so that you can keep tabs on all of your belongings and packages.

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