How The Need It Now Family Of Companies Ships The World

It’s hard to believe now, but mail and delivery service used to take days, if not weeks. In today’s business environment, every second matters. Your clients and customers can’t (and won’t) wait for deliveries, which is why you need a reliable service to ensure packages get where they need to be as fast as possible.

That’s where ASAP Courier comes in. We deliver here in Florida, and thanks to our Need It Now Delivers family of couriers, we also deliver across the country, and even the world.

How do we handle the logistics of getting your package from Point A to Point B, sometimes in only 1 hour? Here’s a primer about our national courier service and how your shipments can get there…ASAP.

Getting to Know Need It Now Delivers

NIN Delivers specializes in delivery and logistics when you absolutely must get your product to its destination fast. We offer time-definite, door-to-door delivery of freight for a wide range of commercial, industrial, retail, and even personal needs.

How fast do you need it there?

We offer transport in 1-hour, same-day ground and air, and next day delivery. We will even pick up packages from airports, including single and large-scale deliveries.

Any Time, Anywhere

Whether rushed or scheduled service, we pick up your packages any time of day or night (even after midnight). We then provide same-day air and ground transport to any city in the United States, Canada, and even most international cities.

Whether you need to get packages from Orlando to Toronto or Miami to Buenos Aires, we’ve got you covered.

If you need to ship goods overseas – whether relocating your home or business, shipping household items, equipment, appliances, furniture – or something as simple as documents – we will get your goods to their final destination in no time.

Need It Now Services

Let’s break down the specific services of our national courier and logistics company.

NIN Services:

  • OMNI Channel Logistics
  • Final Mile Services
  • Warehousing
  • White Glove Home Delivery
  • Direct to Consumer Parcel Delivery
  • Contract Logistics
  • Same Day and Time Critical Logistics.

No matter your industry or need, Need It Now Delivers has you covered.

Industries served:

  • Health services
  • Professional services
  • Public relations
  • Retail
  • Construction & building
  • Food service & hospitality
  • Freight forwarders

We offer the most competitive prices around without giving an inch on quality, timely service. Get a quote now to find out how we can help your business.

How Fast Do You Need It There?

It’s important to understand the different categories of delivery service. This way you will know which to choose in order to get your goods where they need to be on time.

Categories of Delivery Services:

  • Super Rush – Pick up within 1 hour and delivered directly to the final destination
  • Rush Service – Pick up within 1 hour and delivered within 3 hours
  • Same Day – Orders placed before 10:30 am will be picked up by 5:00 pm
  • Next Day – Orders picked up and delivered by 5:00 pm the next day
  • Pre-Scheduled – Delivered at the exact time scheduled

NIN Delivers really means it when we say we offer the most comprehensive and personalized delivery services.

What Does “Last Mile Home Delivery” Mean?

In the simplest terms, “last mile home delivery” relates to every mile your package travels to reach its final destination. These days, people are used to instantaneous communication. Your deliveries must follow the same philosophy.

What Happens to Shipped Packages?

Trips take you across many miles, whether you’re going by car, airplane or boat. Your packages go on the same journey. In our industry, this process is known as “logistics”.

Here’s how it works in general:

  1. Package is picked up at Location A
  2. Package is transported by ground to an airport
  3. Package travels by air to the destination city
  4. Package is transported by truck/van for the final leg of the journey
  5. Package reaches the “final mile”, which may include city streets and heavy traffic
  6. Package is delivered to the final recipient

In some cases, your goods can be stored in one of our local warehouses if they’re not needed immediately, but you will need them at a later date. This is a good option for smaller businesses, retail establishments or restaurants that might not have much on-site storage.

How Need It Now Delivers

Need It Now Courier includes a family of delivery companies across the country. The company started as a local messenger in New York City and tri-City area. Today, it’s grown to include OMNI Channel logistics and delivery services in every major city and internationally.

Need It Now offers full-service logistics, warehousing, and Final Mile Deliveries for small and large businesses in the U.S. or overseas.

Need It Now family of companies include:

  • 1-800 Courier
  • Gilbert USA
  • Chicago Messenger
  • ASAP Courier
  • SOS Logistics
  • Expressway Courier
  • Maryland Messenger
  • Show Me Home Delivery
  • SDS Global Logistics
  • A1 International

No matter where your packages need to go – or the size of the deliveries – we will find the best route to get them to the final destination quickly and safely.

How It All Works

It’s easy to ship your packages anywhere in the world with Need It Now Delivers. Our local and nationwide service employs trained courier specialists who work to determine the best delivery options for time-critical shipments.

Same Day delivery can range from a single package to large pallets. No matter the size, number or location, we will deliver.

What to do:

  1. Schedule a pickup by phone, app or online.
  2. We will give you a quote, options and delivery time.
  3. Receive an email when your package is picked up and after every stop along the way.
  4. Receive electronic proof of delivery at the final destination.

You can also schedule a pickup using any company under the Need It Now Courier umbrella. Service can be found in any major city, from Miami to Seattle or New York to Los Angeles.

For insights into best practices when it comes to shipping, and how to best utilize delivery services, be sure to check out the ASAP blog.