LTL vs. Parcel Package Shipping: Understanding the Differences

Want to deliver a parcel package and do not know which service to choose. Mother’s Day is coming and still, you have not shipped the gift which has been sitting in your home for months.

As there are several courier services available in the country, it becomes a task to choose the one which fits your needs the most.

The services of LTL shipping and parcel deliverers are as different as package vs freight. If you want to know more about freight, click here. Their facilities depend on several factors.

Parcel packages can be handled by anyone while merchandise of LTL needs more helping hands. In other words, LTL shipping services deal with small freight and parcel packaging delivers small sized packages.

Here is the list which will help you in differentiating between LTL courier services and parcel packaging facilities.

The Size

Size of the parcel plays an important role in selecting the courier service. Parcel carriers tend to select the packages which do not take up much space in their delivery van.

The package should not be more than 165 inches in both length and girth. Otherwise, the firm will reject your package for delivery.

On the other hand, the LTL services prefer the parcels which are heavier. The bulkier the item, the more suited it is to LTL. Keeping in mind to check the weight of the product before taking it to the courier service.

It would be better if you search for modes of transport beforehand so you know whether they will be able to handle your package or not.

Examine the Shape of a Parcel Package

Don’t forget to take the shape of your package into consideration. Parcel shipping services prefer items which are compact in shape.

The reason is that the compact shaped objects will take less space in the delivery van and they will stay in their space.

LTL shipping services specialize in bulky items. Using a pallet and wrapping for transport will ensure your items stay well packaged and safe throughout their journey.

They will be happy to transport your abstract design furniture and new model treadmill. They have a lot of space in their trailers for these items. Before submitting the parcel for delivery, check out the government regulations regarding labeling.

Use a Weighing Scale

No one wants to be rejected for the weight of their package. Parcels definition relies on its weight and size.

Packaging delivery services can only handle parcels which weigh less than 150 pounds. With the advancement in technology, packaging deliverers are pushing the boundaries and are accepting larger-sized parcels.

On the other hand, it was believed that LTL services cannot take more weight than 600 pounds. Now, an LTL courier accepts merchandise weighing more than 1500 pounds. In other words, you don’t need to worry about the package weight anymore.

Risk of Getting Damaged

No matter what facility you use, there is always a chance of facing damage goods at the end of delivery. There are a lot of possibilities that might damage your products during delivery or worse, they get lost.

Your items may get destroyed by packaging delivery services because of several hands handling the product. Occasionally accidents do happen.

The package is picked up by a forklift truck that loads them onto a trailer or truck which drops them into a local branch. Smaller vans pick up the merchandise and deliver it to their destination. Consequently, the item might get damaged as it passes through a lot of warehouses and vehicles.

LTL services tend to deliver as many products as they can in one go.

The best option is that you should find a reputable delivery company which always puts their customer satisfaction first and ensures your package will get to its destination undamaged. Another thing you can do is to follow the guidelines to secure your item.

Which One Costs More?

On the surface, it may seem that LRL shipping services are more expensive than packaging deliverers.

Remember that, packaging delivery services transport small items which take less space in their vans. To put in simpler words, packaging services can deliver many items on a single trip.

Each item costs 2.5 percent of fuel to packaging courier services while LTL services must use 12.5 percent of their fuel stock for delivery of one item. LTL services take less time to deliver the product than packaging courier services.

LTL delivery services tend to charge more because they deliver items which are bigger in size. These products will take more space in the trailer.

LTL services may only charge you for a loading dock. On the other hand, packaging services may hand you over a bill which will include extra charges such as address correction fee, Saturday delivery charges, same day delivery penalty, etc.

The easiest thing to do is to calculate the rate by yourself. Just ask for an estimate before deciding to use that company.

What to Choose?

Before deciding on the delivery service, check the size, weight, and shape of your goods.

Furthermore, also keep your budget in mind as you do not want to go over budget just for the delivery of a parcel package. However, a cheap poor quality service could ruin your business’s reputation. You want your goods to be delivered in a timely manner in the same condition they left your warehouse in.

Always trust professionals for the delivery of your precious merchandise.

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