Online Stores With Fast Shipping: Why Customers Love Same Day Delivery

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, isn’t it? It seems like technology makes certain tasks easier, but only because we keep making our lives busier until we don’t have time to do those tasks without technology anymore.

Shopping online is a key example. Whether it’s grocery shopping or updating our wardrobes, it’s difficult to find time to get to the store.

As a retailer, you can make your customers’ decisions easier by becoming one of those online stores with fast shipping. Even better: become one that offers same day delivery.

Wondering how many customers will actually take advantage of it? Here’s why they’ll be thrilled to see same-day delivery as an option.

Why Customers Love Online Stores with Fast Shipping

One online store after another has found that offering same day delivery is worth their investment. Customers love it for these reasons and more.

Allows for Impulse Shopping

There’s something exciting about seeing something you want but didn’t plan on buying and jumping on the opportunity to buy it. Knowing you have to wait three days or a week for anything you buy can take the fun out of impulse shopping.

Same day delivery gives back that fun. Customers can see an item on your store and say, “That would be a great game to play tonight,” or “This would go perfectly with the outfit I’m wearing later,” and take advantage.

As a business, it benefits you too. Customers tend to buy more impulse items when they can get them that day rather than when they know it will take days to receive them.

Lets Them Address Emergencies

They may not be life or death, but retail emergencies happen.

Someone’s preparing to throw a party and realize that day that they’re out of drink stirrers. You have a wedding to go to and find out the morning of the event that your dress or suit has a stain.

Same day delivery allows you to buy what you need within minutes and have it arrive at your doorstep in time. There’s no need to take time away from your other responsibilities to get to a store.

Less Stressing About Deadlines

Same day delivery doesn’t just benefit customers who need their items today.

Let’s take another look at the wedding scenario above. Perhaps someone finds out about their wardrobe crisis two days before the wedding instead of on the same day.

If they use two-day delivery, they’re holding their breath for two days hoping that it shows up on time and that it fits.

One day delivery, on the other hand, takes away that tension. The customer knows that their item will arrive on time. They even have time to make a new purchase if it shows up and isn’t what they want or need.

Keeps Them Out of the Stores

If you need an item on the same day you’re shopping for it and no one has same day delivery, your only other option is to go to the store.

For customers with busy schedules (AKA all customers), that’s a struggle. It isn’t easy to find time to get through traffic, arrive at the store, find what they want while battling crowds, wait in line to buy it, then drive home.

It isn’t just the time that’s an issue: the process is downright unpleasant. By offering same-day shipping, you can save them from the whole ordeal.

Opens More Shopping Options

There’s another important downside to consider when a customer needs something today and they can’t find it online with same day delivery: the limited options.

If a customer has to go to a store, they’re limited to stores that are within a certain distance. If they can’t find what they need in those limited number of stores, they’re out of luck.

When retailers offer same day delivery, it opens far more options than the stores the customer has time to drive to.

Provides Time to Shop Around for a Last-Minute Purchase

We live in an era of comparison shopping. Who has the best model for this item? Who has it for the lowest price?

If a customer needs something today and is forced to shop in-store, their ability to comparison shop is limited.

Many stores offer different prices online than they do in their store. The only way to truly compare is to drive to different stores and review their selection. Who has time for that?

By offering same-day shipping, you become one of the options they can compare to find the best option while still getting their item when they need it.

Eliminates the Need for Transportation

We mentioned the hassle of driving to a store amid traffic to shop in person. That struggle is far more pronounced for the many people who don’t have transportation at the drop of a hat.

A large number of your customers can’t drive or don’t have a vehicle. Even those who own a car may have to share it with someone else, and all vehicles break down from time to time. Not everyone lives in an area with public transportation or an area where public transportation is practical.

There are also many people who have transportation but it isn’t made for hauling items. For instance, some people can only travel by bike or motorcycle.

With same-day delivery, these customers can get their last-minute items just like anyone who can drive themselves to a store.

Becoming the Face of Accessibility

Snap decisions don’t tend to be healthy for a business. You weigh every choice you make based on dollars and cents. It makes sense to do the same thing as you decide whether to offer same-day delivery.

The fact is that online stores with fast shipping are the ones that are winning out above their competition today. With more and more stores offering this option, customers are becoming used to the ability to get their items when they want them.

If you aren’t getting on board, you could be left behind.

If you’re ready to add same-day shipping to the list of advantages you offer your customers, contact our courier service today.