The Benefits of Proof of Delivery Explained

The United States Post Office handles almost 57 billion pieces of mail each year.

But if you’re sending something extremely important, first-class mail doesn’t cut it. Instead, you’ll want a courier service to ensure that your important documents get safely from Point A to Point B.

To make sure your items get there, one thing you’ll need is proof of delivery. This way, you can be positive your items got to where they need to be.

Read on to learn about why proof of delivery is so important for you and why some documents need this service.

What is Proof of Delivery?

A proof of delivery is a piece of paper that proves a product or document got to its destination. This way, the person who sent it can be sure their items were received by the proper authorities or department.

This works to the advantage of both the sender and receiver, so that there is proof the person sent the package and that the person received it.

In the case that this is a business transaction, or there are important documents enclosed, the proof of delivery is imperative. This is so that if the documents are mislaid it is obvious where the error was.

Additionally, it is important if there is a dispute between parties. If individuals sell on a third-party website, there may be some protection for such situations. But with proof of delivery, it can be shown that the item did get to the party’s address, no matter what is being claimed.

It is an impartial document that proves what took place.

Traditional of Proof of Delivery

Traditionally, proof of delivery would be mailed back to the sender. This often includes the signature, or a copy of the signature, of the person who received it. It may also include the name of the receiver, in the case that the sender needs to contact the person or business to follow up.

In many cases, this is still done, but there are now paperless routes that some courier services, or patrons of the services, prefer.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

With these electronic signatures, the sender is given a tracking number to ensure that their items get to where they are supposed to go. The sender can also use the tracking number to monitor where the package online or documents are on their journey, thus knowing when to expect their arrival.

When the package or documents arrive, the individual who receives it will sign for it on an electronic tracking pad. This will then be updated for the sender so that they can see it on the tracking page.

Some courier services will also email or text the sender when the package has been received. They may also show a picture of the signature.

Additionally, some courier services will also offer a photo of the item delivered to the address. This way, the sender can be extra sure that the recipient has it and that it made it to the right address. Not all courier services specify who has to sign for the package, so this offers an extra layer of protection.

Who Needs to Use Proof of Delivery?

You, or your company, should use a courier service that offers proof of delivery if you need important sent. For example, the United States government states that many people use a private courier service in order to submit your passport application.

Individuals applying for visas and passports often send important documents. These can include birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports (for visas) and other items.

The government often requests that these documents are original copies. As such, losing them would be a huge issue. Therefore, using a courier service who has a proof of delivery in their services is preferential.

Generally, any time you send something and you need to be positive it has arrived, with proof, you should use this service.

In addition to sending passports and visas, you should send any important and irreplaceable documents or contracts should be done via Proof of Delivery.

How Do I Send My Package with Proof of Delivery?

Most courier services will allow you to select this option when you are mailing your item or items.

Need It Now Delivers  is no different. When you initiate a request to send an item, you can simply let the outlet know you want to send it via proof of delivery. Sometimes, this is known as “signed for.”

How Much Will It Cost?

Sending an item with proof of delivery will be a little bit more expensive than simply sending it, but not by much.

Note that proof of delivery is not the same thing as sending it via rush service or super rush service. Making sure the package or documents get to the right location is the only purpose of proof of delivery. This does not speed it up.

Instead, you’ll need to pay extra for another service such as rush or super rush to ensure it gets there when you need it to.

Should I Send My Item with Proof of Delivery?

If you’re unsure whether or not to send your item with proof of delivery, it is best to err on the side of caution. You never know when you may need to prove that the person or company on the other end received your package or documents.

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