Why Door to Door Services are More Important Than Ever

The courier and logistics industry is massive.

As of 2014, 118.7 million households, 7.4 million businesses, and 89,004 governmental units created an economy that relies on freight shipping alone.

With this many entities shipping and receiving goods, there has to be a range of options available.

When shipping products, how do you ensure that they end up where they need to be?
There are a number of different shipping options you can choose from, but it’s important to assess the needs of your business first.

If you’re searching for the best choice for your business, you should look into using door to door shipping services.

Door to door shipping is the solution to saving time and money while providing quality service to your customers. Keep reading to find out why.

What Is Door to Door Shipping?

Put simply, door to door shipping is collecting goods from one location and delivering them to another. Your carrier manages the process from the shipper’s warehouse until the goods are delivered to the buyer.

This is different than door-to-port or port-to-port shipping. Door to door shipping begins and ends at specific addresses.

Throughout the shipping process, your shipment is picked up, transported through customs, and delivered. With a door to door shipping provider, this happens without you having to lift a finger.

There are several ways your business can benefit from door to door services.

Benefits of Door to Door Services

With door to door shipping, you will experience a more streamlined courier experience. You and your customers will reap the benefits of transparent fees, extra time, and even improved service quality!

No Additional Fees

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to save money.

Standard shipping costs usually only cover pricing for transferring a shipment from one point to another. This does not take into account fees associated with customs, taxes, or surprise fees incurred along the route. Door to door services offer transparent pricing — and you get what you pay for.

With door to door services, you won’t have to worry about snags in the shipping process. You can rest assured that your shipment will arrive without incurring additional fees along the way.

Save Time

You will also save valuable time by hiring a door to door service provider.

Think about it: once you sign a contract with a door to door provider, your work is done. You won’t have to involve yourself in the packing, transporting, tracking, or unloading. All that is taken care of for you.

Most providers will let you quote and book your shipment easily online. This eliminates the leg work associated with scheduling pickups and deliveries on your own.

Improve Your Quality of Service

As a merchant, how your products are delivered is an important measure of service quality.

Your customers depend on you to receive their shipments on time and as described. You need to be able to rely on a provider that can transport your product quickly and safely.

Delivering your orders through a door to door provider will streamline your shipping process, reduce costs, and improve your order fulfillment.

No Hassle Customs Clearance

Never take a hassle-free customs experience for granted. If you’re importing international goods, you need to know whether your goods require clearance.

Whenever a shipment is imported into the United States, clearance by customs is required.

Door to door services will check documents and assist in the customs clearance process, without your help. The provider will also pay any tariffs, which is outlined in your agreement when you book.

Streamlined Shipments

When you’re handling multiple shipments, goods can get lost in the shuffle.

Door to door delivery makes a complicated process a simple one. An empty shipping container is transported to a loading dock where the cargo is insured. Any necessary documentation is collected before shipments are transported.

The goods are transported internationally or domestically. Then, the delivery arrives safely at its final destination.

This is a tried and true process that many merchants rely on daily.

Ensure Product Safety

The ensured safety of your products is number one. With a hands-off process as door to door shipping, how do you know your goods are safe?

These companies handle all kinds of shipments. From small goods to large industrial freights, they will work with you to make sure your shipment arrives to its final destination in excellent condition.

You will receive regular updates throughout the shipping process to give you peace of mind. You will never have to wonder at which point in the process your shipment is in.

When it comes to shipping options, door to door shopping is the easiest to choose. Your job is done once the shipment leaves your location or warehouse. Everything else is taken care of by the provider you choose.

Rest Easy

The number one benefit of door to door services is simplicity.

There are many different and complicated levels to the shipping process. It is easy to make mistakes or overlook something when you are managing multiple shipments per day.

Door to door services rid your organization of that worry. You can focus on your business and leave the shipping logistics to the professionals. They will take the complicated process you’re used to and combine them into one easy step.

We’re confident that our door to door delivery service is the easiest and cheapest way to deliver your packages safely. Our staff is experienced and know the intricacies of the courier service industry.

Our couriers handle customers’ packages like they are their own. We feel strongly that you should have a great shipping experience.

Next time you are overwhelmed with your shipping process, consider our national courier service. A small amount of leg work will save you money in the long run.

We work in a way that will save you money and valuable time! Contact us today so we can discuss the delivery option best suited for you.